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Welcome to us at Björkängs Havsbad, the closest to the ocean and the beach you can get.

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Here you can find everything you need for a pleasant vacation. We have fully equipped cabins, large camping sites, a restaurant and a boutique with fresh baked bread every day. Our children’s club “Kotteklubben” brings extra fun for the children. Several times per week,
there are many sorts of activities arranged, such as sand castle competitions, water wars etc.

North of the camping you can find a nature reserve (you are not allowed to enter) with a rich birdlife. South you can find a lovely play and nature area, like made for walks among the amazing sand dunes. If you would get bored by the beach, there are many excursion goals in
the area. We are only 15 minutes away from the culture and entertainments in Varberg as well as only 30 minutes away from Ullared if you like shopping.

The card you receive when checking in are used for the service houses. The cards can be used for opening doors, paying for the showers as well as the washing machines etc. Our function is to take care of you and your family and make sure that you are getting a pleasant and memorable vacation.

You are always welcome to ask questions and to contribute with your view points.

We wish you a warm welcome!
/Bosse and Sonja with staff.




Order and comfort rules


For everyone’s comfort here at Björkängs Havsbad, there are a few thigs to keep in mind. This is a family camping, everyone must show respect, at 24.00 (12.00 p.m.) there should be peace and quiet. Beyond the standard regulations for campings in Sweden which can
be found in the reception, the regulations below must be followed at this camping.

Camping fee.
A new camping fee will be charged after 12.00.

Setting up the camper / caravan.
Due to fire and safety risks, the distance to the next caravan must not be less than 4 meter (see the picture below). Routes must not be blocked since these are for emergency vehicles. Our recommendation is that the tow hook is facing the road.

Gas and electricity.
Camping gas and electricity connections must be tested and approved according to current regulations. The electricity cable must be approved according to the rules by the Electrical Safety Administration which can be read in the reception.

The guest is responsible for making sure that the rules are followed. Have in mind that a fire can start in the flex winder if all the flex is not rolled out.

Have in mind that exchange of camping gas cannot be done close to fire, since the gas is extremely inflammable.

Damage and disrupted peace.
The camping is not responsible for any lost possessions. Damages on buildings, land or loss of other guests’ possessions will be paid by the
guest. Before putting down any poles (maximum 30 cm in the ground), always check with the reception.
Any damages caused in cables and ducts have to be paid by the guest. The camping management may be forced to take actions towards guest which do not respect the rules and regulations. Camping management, night guard or police can refuse a guest immediately if the violations are considered serious.

Ball games are only allowed at the indicated are outside the camping. Ball games between caravans are highly forbidden.




Good to know A-O


You can pay with creditcard in the reception, store and restaurant.

Childrens room and TV-room
At the service house (house H on the map). You can rent the TV-room in the reception.

The gate
Closed 23:00-07:00 (11.00 p.m. and 07.00 a.m.). Emergency please contact the nightjour, phone number: +46(0) 340 42 134.

Emergency Save – Alarm – Extinguishing. You find the Fire-extinguisher on the camping area. In an emergency situation, don’t forget to inform to the reception.

Timetable www.hlt.se. Bus stop ”Björkäng Tvååkersvägen”.

Store, restaurant and reception
Placed next to each other at the entrance to the campsite. The reception is helping you with everything you need.

Show consideration when you go by bike on the campsite. Be careful and don’t drive to fast!

Bicycle Rentals
In peak season you can rent bikes in the reception. Helmet is included and seat for children is available. You find the prices in the reception.

We are not changing any bottles with liquid-gas in the reception. Be careful and handle with care!

At the garbage dump you find special vessel for charcoal. Always have water near at hand.

Mower and tools
In the storage at house G on the map.

Handicap accessible shower and toilets you find at house F at the map.

We have one defibrillator at the reception and the staff are trained to use it.

Keep animals on a leash. Walk them outside the camping area. It’s not aloud to have animals on the beach or in the service house. Special shower for dogs can be found in house D on the map. The Price: 5 SEK/5 Minutes.

Ice pack
You can by ice pack in the store or change in the fridge that is located in house E on the map.

Emptying latrine buckets 
Can be done at the garbage area. I on the map.

Playground, football and boule 
The big grass area south of the campsite. Have fun and play, but between 24:00 and 07:00 it must be quiet!

Speed limit: 10 km/h, no traffic between 23:00 and 07:00 (11:00 p.m. and 07:00 a.m.).

Night guard 
Week 28-31 the camp site is monitored ny a night guard +46 340-42 134. Other times the staff can be reached by phone +46(0) 340 42 143.

Conduct and rules 
There should be peace and order throughout the day. Between 24:00-07:00 (11:00 p.m. 07:00 a.m.) it should be quiet. If you become disturbed at night, you always should contact the reception.

Besides your parking at you camping place, you can also park your car at the public parking south of the camp site.

A yellow mailbox is located outside the store. Address: Björkängs Havsbad, havsbadsvägen, 432 76 Tvååker, Sweden.

The nearest police station can be found in Varberg centrum. For emergency call: 112. Other questions to the police call: 114 14.

Service Buildings 
Our service buildings contains toilet, showers, kitchen, dishwasher, dog shower, laundry room, nursery room, hair care and dish room. There is a special kitchen for fish and vegetables and it has an electronic potato peeler. Opening hours for the different facilities are given at the buildings. The toilets are open all the time.

When checking in you will receive one or several cards which can be used for:
• Opening the doors for the service buildings.
• Pay for washing machines and tumble driver (30 SEK/washing), tumble driver (30 SEK/drying) and shower (2 SEK/100 Seconds).
• Access to the dog care room.
• Special access for handicap rooms can be given.
The card is valued during the period which you and your family are guests at the camping and must be returned when you checking out.

Medical information.
Free medical information reached at phone: +46 (0)771-11 77 00.


Telephone: +46(0)340-165 00.

Garbage dump
In the area marked I on the map you are welcome to sort your garbage, corrugated paper, plastic, aluminum, batteries, light-bulbs and more. Please respect the environment and the people who work with the garbage. Sort well!

Youth room 
Is located by the TV-room (entrence at the gable of house H). It is open 13:00-24:00, the keycard is the same as the other doors.

In the reception we can offer you to rent different things to activate you, your family and friends. We offer things such as bicycles, SUP, Kubb, different ball sports and different rackets.

Important phonenumbers:
All emergencies – Alle Notfälle 112
Ambulance – Krankenwagen 112
Fire department – Feuerwehr 112
Police – Polizei 114 14
Hospital – Krankenhaus +46(0)340-48 10 00
Medical information 1177
(open around the clock)
Health center, Tvååker +46(0)340-48 22 10
(phone: mon-thu 07:30-18:00, fri 07:30-16:00)
Breakdown lorry +46(0)35-17 33 17
Auto reapair, Tvååker +46(0)340-405 23
Taxi, Varberg +46(0)340-165 00
Tourist Information +46(0)340-868 00




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